Galerie Bessieres show in Paris!

January 27th to March 25th
Public Opening Reception: Sunday, January 28, 3pm
Guided tours at 11h, 14h, and 16h.

Galerie Bessières Contemporary Art 
Impressionist Island 
3 rue du Bac, 78400 Chatou

I am really thrilled about being a part of the inaugural exhibition at Galerie Bessières in France!  Just west of Paris on the Seine River the gallery is located in the Maison Levanneur which has a long art history attached to it. (more on that below) The five artists in the exhibition explore "the fruitful tension that is formed between the visible appearance of reality and its subjective side."  I hope that you can be a part of the conversation at the gallery or online.  -Jackson

Gas Up the Plane, 2017.  

Gas Up the Plane, 2017.  

Upcoming Show Announcement

Looking forward to being part of an upcoming show on family at PhotoPlace Gallery. From their website, "Family. A term that evokes an avalanche of associations – some dear, some fraught, some bearing the weight of tradition and lineage, some the glow of intimacy and trust. “Family” can be defined in many ways, but it always incorporates relationships among people who share common bonds born of friendship, location, loyalty, love, belief, interest, or blood."

For more info on the show please visit the gallery website here.